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Do you have any pathfinder experience? Starting up a new campaign in it this weekend and I'm almost excited. Squole Monk here we go!


Yeah! Pathfinder is the bomb, man! (that’s what people say, right?)

Some people say that PC’s got too powerful, and yada yada serial escalation of abilities yada yada, but the truth is (in my opinion) that having a wide array of possible moves is fun. Being a fighter whose only option is “I attack” every turn (or “I trip,” if you’re a munchkin) is dull, which is why I always lean towards spellcasters, especially Bards and Wizards. I want to have some variety in my actions, dagnabbit! Also, having infinite cantrips just ‘feels’ magical. Casters can just make stuff light up or reflavour food without having to expend potentially life-saving magical resources, which is way more fun than having to balance your one fun cantrip versus the maybe critically important Cure Minor Wounds or Detect Magic.

Anyway. Pathfinder is great. Maybe I’ll write a blog post thingy about it one day like I did/am doing for D&D5.


this is from 2011. some weeks before recording the album version, i sat in an empty apartment in the middle of the night and sang “A.A.A.”

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Medea: Acts of Madness? 


Is Medea’s behaviour determined by ‘madness’? Classicist Edith Hall and psychiatrist Femi Oyebode discuss this question with Genista McIntosh.

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Are you sure you're really Neil Gaiman?


No. I might be someone who thinks he’s Neil Gaiman, while the real Neil Gaiman walks the world in disguise, gathering material. But If I am not Neil Gaiman I wish he would come back soon.

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interesting words to use instead of “OCD” 



  • finicky
  • painstaking
  • fastidious
  • particular
  • precise
  • scrupulous
  • conscientious
  • persnickety (it’s real word i promise)
  • accurate
  • meticulous
  • punctilious
  • exact

basically there are loads of really cool words out there, (persnickety!!) so you don’t need to appropriate OCD for your own use if you don’t actually have it!

use these, people

please and thank


Admit it. We’ve all watched slightly questionable movies and tv shows just because our favourite actors were in it for .03 seconds


Paul McWiggle, at Big Finish Day 4.


Paul McWiggle, at Big Finish Day 4.