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Are you sure you're really Neil Gaiman?


No. I might be someone who thinks he’s Neil Gaiman, while the real Neil Gaiman walks the world in disguise, gathering material. But If I am not Neil Gaiman I wish he would come back soon.

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interesting words to use instead of “OCD” 



  • finicky
  • painstaking
  • fastidious
  • particular
  • precise
  • scrupulous
  • conscientious
  • persnickety (it’s real word i promise)
  • accurate
  • meticulous
  • punctilious
  • exact

basically there are loads of really cool words out there, (persnickety!!) so you don’t need to appropriate OCD for your own use if you don’t actually have it!

use these, people

please and thank


Admit it. We’ve all watched slightly questionable movies and tv shows just because our favourite actors were in it for .03 seconds


Paul McWiggle, at Big Finish Day 4.


Paul McWiggle, at Big Finish Day 4.

Paul McGann during Doctor Who interviews: 1234

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  • Moffat: We need someone to play John's wife.
  • Moffat: Wait... Martin has a partner.
  • Moffat: But who can we get to play Sherlock's parents?
  • Moffat: Wait... Benedict has parents.
  • Moffat: Where are we going to find a child to play young Sherlock?
  • Moffat: Wait... I have a child.
  • Moffat: Man I'm good at this.